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If you got it, Flaunt it February 4, 2012

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I must be married to Boston’s best looking man of the year. The number of stares he gets when we are out in public is overwhelming. Strangers just look, some even turning their heads as we walk by. Little kids are even mesmerized. So are the old ladies.

Even though I think Eamonn is the best looking guy wherever we go, I’m not convinced that is why people are staring. His oxygen may have something to do with it. As I mentioned in my first post, “This is My Story…” Eamonn is now using oxygen 24/7.  So he always has the tubes going into his nostrils, from a backpack he always has to carry, visible for everyone to notice. And what I have noticed are the looks he gets everywhere we go.

Yes, it’s human nature. One would not expect to see a 28 year old, healthy looking, handsome man needing oxygen tubes while ordering coffee in Starbucks. It’s what we see in hospitals, or casinos. I can understand that strangers are curious, and therefore start staring, probably without even realizing it. To be frank, it’s most likely what I would have done before knowing Eamonn. But now being on the receiving end of those looks, it’s rude. More and more, though, I have some fun. Just the other day, while in a store of which I will not mention the name (it rhymes with Roomingdale’s) a middle-aged lady was staring at Eamonn as if he had toilet paper stuck to his face. So, I did what any good wife would do- I started a staring contest.

When Eamonn began being on oxygen all the time I, myself, had to get used to it. I walked with my head low sometimes just to ignore what couldn’t be ignored. But it was Eamonn’s insights that changed my attitude. “I’m going to pretend as if this tube is just another accessory. I’ve always had my own sort of style, so this is just adding to what makes me unique—if you got it, flaunt it.” So instead of being threatened by so many men, women, and children staring at my husband, I just hold his hand tightly and keep on walking…and sometimes staring.


2 Responses to “If you got it, Flaunt it”

  1. eamonn Says:

    Great post wife! It made me laugh! Thanks for having staring contests for me.

    p.s. I like to think of it as a mustache accessory.

  2. […] that our visit would also seem to be a “first” for many Brazilians. As described in an earlier post, Eamonn’s 24/7 oxygen in-take invites many looks and stares. It has taken some getting used to, […]

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