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A Day in The Life of Eamonn October 28, 2012

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Recently, deciding to be wild and crazy on a Friday night, Eamonn and I watched the documentary, “Life In A Day.” This film explores people’s lives from all over the world on July 24, 2010. As a viewer, it opens us up to a world we are mostly unaware of, making us realize that each of our own lives are only a small part of a significantly larger whole.

This got me thinking–I have been sharing stories of what it is like to live/be married to someone with cystic fibrosis, but most of you really do not understand the life of a CF patient. So, Eamonn and I decided to document his life in a day. Lucky for you, it’s not his whole day, only the CF-related aspects of it.

This film, to the best that he could, shows how much time Eamonn spends taking care of his health in one day. He takes us with him as he takes care of himself.

I want to thank Eamonn for volunteering to document himself, and truly letting everyone into his life.


The Tyranny of the Tube October 8, 2012

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Lately, Eamonn and I have been discussing a lot about adopting a dog. We would love a fury friend to join our family and household, follow us around the apartment, cuddle as we watch TV, and keep me company when Eamonn isn’t home, specifically when he’s in the hospital. In fact, a few months ago, while searching the internet, we found our dream dog, Mr. Bean. He was a dachshund-beagle mix and stole our hearts in one single photo. We visited that picture often and then one day Mr. Bean was no longer on the website. We can only assume that he found a loving, caring family that took him in, and that another dog just like him will someday, when we’re ready, come our way.

Though we do not yet have a dog, we do have something constantly following us around, actually it prefers to follow Eamonn—his oxygen tube. No it’s not fury and cuddly, but it insists on shadowing him everywhere he goes in our home. The tube that Eamonn uses around our apartment is just under 30 feet long. It extends from our doorway into our bedroom, allowing for him to move around easily no matter what he is doing. Since Eamonn is on oxygen all of the time now, having a long tube is quite convenient and its efficiency helps to make him feel like it is not as much of a hassle to be connected to something at all times.

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit our home, you probably noticed the tube, but for me it is just a part of our living. Yes, it follows Eamonn around, but it often feels like it is nagging me as well. In fact, I might argue that it becomes more of a nuisance for me because as it follows behind Eamonn, it’s not usually in his way. Whereas for me, a simple trip to the kitchen from say, the bedroom, is actually an obstacle course. The tube is always there, and depending on where Eamonn is, it is obstructing my route, trying to trip me up. My favorite is when Eamonn is picking out clothes from the closet, the farthest point from the door in our bedroom. The tube really needs to extend itself so often times it rests over the bed, creating a short tight rope. It is not uncommon for me to trip over this, especially when I have just woken up and am trying to get my bearings. A nice morning trip on my way to take a shower is just what I need to start the day!

It’s also very common to find a lone shoe somewhere in the foyer of our apartment, or perhaps right outside the bathroom. For a while, I could not understand why this kept happening. Usually it was one of Eamonn’s slippers, so I assumed he was just being weird, but then I witnessed it—it was the tube. When Eamonn walks around, he doesn’t notice that the tube grabs objects along the way, and as shoes are on the floor they fall victim to getting dragged around.

Sometimes, I try to use the tube to my advantage. If Eamonn and I discussing something, or when we’re arguing, and he walks away, if I feel we are not yet finished, I know how to stop him in his tracks. I just step on the tube so he can’t keep walking away. I know it sounds mean, but it works! And truthfully, it always makes us laugh which is the best way to end a silly marital conflict.

Though I don’t always love the tube, it is just a part of our home and lives. I can easily get irritated having to constantly avoid it and walk around it, but then again, I can always easily locate Eamonn! And though we do not yet have a fury friend who will fetch us our slippers, we can depend on our tube to fetch us a random shoe.