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A Day in The Life of Eamonn October 28, 2012

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Recently, deciding to be wild and crazy on a Friday night, Eamonn and I watched the documentary, “Life In A Day.” This film explores people’s lives from all over the world on July 24, 2010. As a viewer, it opens us up to a world we are mostly unaware of, making us realize that each of our own lives are only a small part of a significantly larger whole.

This got me thinking–I have been sharing stories of what it is like to live/be married to someone with cystic fibrosis, but most of you really do not understand the life of a CF patient. So, Eamonn and I decided to document his life in a day. Lucky for you, it’s not his whole day, only the CF-related aspects of it.

This film, to the best that he could, shows how much time Eamonn spends taking care of his health in one day. He takes us with him as he takes care of himself.

I want to thank Eamonn for volunteering to document himself, and truly letting everyone into his life.


11 Responses to “A Day in The Life of Eamonn”

  1. Richard Ferguson Says:

    Thank you for sharing. You certainly have a busy day and a willingness to do whatever it takes. May God bless you and your lovely wife and keep you both safe. The Ferguson’s (work friend of Sue)


  2. Mom Says:

    Eamonn, you forgot to show your mandatory daily exercise! The rest of us should NEVER complain about busy mornings- but I’m sure we will continue to do so nonetheless.

  3. portlandsun Says:

    Wow. Thanks so much for putting this online. Your blog is great, and video takes it to a new level. Eamonn is such a stud, rocking those drugs and that oxygen tank with style. I’m so happy to know you guys and I really appreciate your openess. Sending love from Oregon to you two and to that adorable bowtie. I hope someone at his school sees this video and gives the dude an office to make his pharmacy calls. xoxo

  4. susan alfred Says:

    I can barely remember to take the 2 meds a day that I need. You always astound me with the grace that you deal with all that you have to do to stay healthy. The rest of us complain about silly stuff.
    Also,I hope you students appreciate your sense of style.

    • elanaalfred Says:

      Welcome back, mom! I’ll pass this message along to Eamonn, but I know he’ll appreciate it. And I hope everyone can now understand a little better why we’re late for everything!

  5. Mimi Says:

    truly inspiring. all our best…mimi and stan

  6. lizmcmahon Says:

    Elana, it was great to meet you today. Please tell Eammon that his attitude is inspiring (and yours!), and that this video is motivating a lazy diabetic to be better about checking my blood sugar before meals. 🙂

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